Fairtrade products in Peterborough

There are an increasing number of places you can buy Fairtrade products in Peterborough.

Take a look at our Google Map which shows locations and items that can be bought in Peterborough cafes/restaurants, shops, caterers and community groups that promote Fairtrade products.


Blue Convenience Stores     Green Garden Centres
Red Supermarkets     Purple Cafes
Yellow Other suppliers     Orange Bakeries
Brown Restaurants     Light Blue Community groups


Printable Guide

Our handy guide below lists all the places in Peterborough that you can purchase Fairtrade products. It can easily be printed off to take with you when shopping.

Fairtrade Stockists Guide

Fairtrade products Online

The Fairtrade Foundation has a National Purchasing Guide which covers where to buy Fairtrade products online in the UK.

Help us out

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