List of useful resources for all things Fairtrade


Fairtrade Town Initiatives

Applying for Fairtrade Town Status
Fairtrade Foundation’s ideas and suggestions on how to take Fairtrade forward in your area

Fair Trade Towns International
Home of the international Fair Trade Town movement


Fairtrade Schools

Fairtrade Schools
Fairtrade Foundation’s microsite providing resources for bringing Fairtrade into the classroom

Tradecraft for Schools
Tradecraft’s site providing information on how to connect students to Fairtrade

Supply ethical school uniforms made with Fairtrade Cotton

The Global Learning Programme
National network of schools committed to teaching development and global issues


Fairtrade Universities & Colleges

Universities and Colleges
Fairtrade Foundation’s guidance on how to become a Fairtrade university or college


Fairtrade Workplaces

Fairtrade in your Workplace
Fairtrade Foundation’s guidance on how to bring Fairtrade into the workplace


Fairtrade Place of Worship

Faith Groups
Fairtrade Foundation’s guidance on how your church, synagogue, mosque, temple or diocese can join the fight for fairer terms of trade by becoming a Fairtrade place of worship


Local Groups

Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT)
An independent and innovative environmental charity helping to protect and enhance the environment throughout Peterborough and beyond.

The Green Backyard
An urban space in the heart of Peterborough which been transformed from a derelict allotment site into a beautiful and productive community garden.

Soul Happy Wellbeing Centre
A wellbeing centre in the heart of Peterborough.