Peterborough Museum Cafe earns Fairtrade status

Peterborough city cafes are celebrating Fairtrade certification, as they #BuildBackFairer for us here – and supporting workers in developing countries and the same time.

Peterborough’s Fairtrade City Steering group organised a café crawl on Tuesday, affirming Fairtrade commitments at Greggs and Starbucks, and encouraging other city-centre locations to meet the criteria to be Fairtrade outlets – by offering at least four Fairtrade products, which are independently guaranteed to be ethical, assuring fair pay and conditions for farmers and workers.

The volunteers discovered that City Culture’s Georgian Cafe at Peterborough Museum met the Fairtrade criteria and earned themselves a “Proudly Supporting Fairtrade” window sticker – and a pin on the local online map. Several other outlets are checking at for wholesale options, now that they know what a big difference to people’s lives a simple choice of tea, coffee, sugar, chocolate, rice or bananas can make. 

“We’re always doing things that are good to do – and that make our cafe more appealing to more people in Peterborough. That’s why we’ve switched to Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar. Fairtrade is such a nice thing to shout about.”

Kerry Green, Manager of City Culture’s Georgian Cafe at Peterborough Museum in Priestgate
Kerry Green (Cafe Manager at Peterborough Museum) received her Fairtrade cafe status from Fairtrade Peterborough Steering group as part of Tuesday’s cafe crawl.

More information on Fairtrade Peterborough, and a list of outlets that stock Fairtrade products in the city, can be found at:

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